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Adam Kerr


Mendoza Ventures

Adam is a Partner at Mendoza Ventures. The firm invests in pre-seed and seed Artificial Intelligence (AI), Fintech, and Cybersecurity startups. The investments are typically 500k to 750k in each seed round and location agnostic. The investment thesis is to focus on helping startups grow by leveraging the experience of the general partners as well as the limited partners who are experts in these areas. The lp base consists of senior leaders from elite firms such as Goldman Sachs, Wellington, Factset, Amazon, Microsoft, State Street, Cyberark, and Salesforce. By giving experience and accountability first, learning more about the team, technology and market, only then can an informed investment be made. The firm is an extremely active investor and works with their companies to solve the myriad of issues that they encounter. Mendoza Ventures is an expert network with skin in the game.

Adam Kerr

FinTech & AI



9:00am - 10:00am

Industry Tech