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Jim Cunha

Executive Vice President

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Jim Cunha is the Executive Vice President of Secure Payments and FinTech
Research at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.  His entire career has
focused on the interrelationship of payments, security, technology and
Cunha leads the Federal Reserve’s Secure Payment efforts, which seeks to
help reduce fraud in the U.S. payments system through collaboration with
industry participants.
Cunha is also spearheading the Boston Fed’s efforts to study distributed
ledger technology, or blockchain, to determine potential benefits and risks in
financial services for internal and external uses. He is specifically focused on
the evolution of the technology and its potential impact on the financial
services sector.  He is also responsible for the Bank’s technology research
related to central bank digital currencies (CBDC), including a joint research
effort with MIT’s Digital Currency Initiative.
Cunha has worked at the Boston Fed since 1984. Prior to that, he worked at
Fleet National Bank. He holds a bachelor’s in accounting and philosophy from
Northeastern University and a bachelor’s in computer science from Rhode
Island College.

Jim Cunha

FinTech & AI



9:00am - 10:00am

Industry Tech

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