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Katiki Agarwal

Founder, President and CTO

A5G Networks

Kaitki is the Founder, President and CTO at A5G Networks (a startup set to transform 5G mobile network infrastructure with autonomous network vision). Kaitki is responsible for leading technology, product, and operations.

Before that Kaitki founded Parallel Wireless in 2012. As a co-founder and Chief Product Officer Kaitki led the disruption of the traditional RAN market and positioned Parallel Wireless as one of the Open RAN leaders with a strong customer base. Kaitki led and built geographically distributed operations and product teams.

Prior to that, she led teams and several customer wins in various areas of telecom at Starent Networks/Cisco and Lucent.

Kaitki has 50+ US patents pending and granted. Kaitki holds BS in Computer Science from IIT Roorkee, MBA from Babson College, and product strategy from Kellogg.

Katiki Agarwal

ML in 5G



2:15pm - 3:15pm

Next Gen Connectivity

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