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Sravish Sridhar

Founder & CEO


Sravish is a successful 3-time startup founder with an entrepreneurial passion to build and support companies that bring meaningful innovation and change to society. Three career accomplishments bring him the most joy - 1) Graduating debt-free from the University of Texas at Austin after putting himself through college, 2) Building a piece of software that was used by 3.5 million, and 3) Investors, customers, and people from each startup he’s founded have chosen to support and work with him in subsequent startups. Sravish is currently Founder and CEO at Kintent, a Boston-based company that has built the industry's first Trust Management Platform for security-minded companies to truthfully achieve, verify and share security and data privacy compliance with their customers. In a nutshell, Kintent helps companies earn customer trust.

Sravish Sridhar




12:00pm - 1:00pm

Next Gen Connectivity